I’m a researcher in experimental psychology interested in causal knowledge, political judgment, metacognition, and aesthetics. The thread that links these disparate topics, in my view, is the question of what makes a mental representation true or false, neither true nor false, or—the most exotic possibility—true on credit.

I currently work for The Policy Lab at Brown University (PI: David Yokum), a new collaboration between researchers, government, and community organizations aimed at improving public policy. Some of our work on Covid-19 has been published here. Previously I worked on misinformation at Tufts University (PI: Ayanna Thomas) and led a review of political psychology for the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre. And I continue to collaborate with my former employers Steven Sloman (Brown University), Ellen Winner (Boston College), and Hiram Brownell (Boston College).

Contact me via natrabb at gmail.


l-r: Bruce Nauman video corridor; Sol Lewitt wall drawing; passport photo